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The Harmful Effects of Plastic on Human Health and the ...

Plastics are a part of our daily lives. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they’re safe or responsible. A closer understanding of the harmful effects of plastic will empower us to improve their toxic footprint.

The Basics: Polymer Definition and Properties

If you are after basic information on plastic ... The simplest definition of a polymer is a useful chemical ... Polymers occur in nature and can be made to ...


Abstract. The so-called "plastic friction" which occurs during metal treatment under elevated pressures affects greatly all phases of the plastic deformation process including resistance to deformation, development of the stressed state, embrittlement, wear phenomena or energy consumption during deformation.

Nature of Plastic Marine Pollution in the Subtropical Gyres

Nature of Plastic Marine Pollution in the Subtropical Gyres Marcus Eriksen, Martin Thiel, and Laurent Lebreton Abstract The abundance and distribution of plastic debris in the marine environ-

The Plastic Bag Problem - Nature and ... - Mother Earth News

The plastic bag problem looms larger every day as they litter our environment and kill land animals and endangered marine life.

A Brief History of Plastic's Conquest of the World ...

A Brief History of Plastic's Conquest of the World. ... we've come to think of plastics as unnatural, yet nature has been knitting polymers since the beginning of life.

The Global Crisis of Plastic Pollution | The New Republic

According to a June 2017 study in the journal Nature, 86 percent of the plastic in the ocean comes from Asian rivers.

The future of plastic | Nature Research Chemistry Community

On world environment day, Nature Communications has released an editorial on the future of plastic.

Plastic - Wikipedia

Plastic is material consisting of any of a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic organic compounds that are malleable and so can be molded into solid objects.

The Nature Of Polyethylene Pipe Failure | Pipeline & Gas ...

The Nature Of Polyethylene Pipe Failure. ... Mode III failure is related to degradation and embrittlement of the plastic due to thermo-oxidation with time.

Plastic Planet | Next Nature Network

Welcome to the Plastic Planet! The only sensible way to think of plastic is as a raw Next Nature material, waiting for its balancing counterpart to evolve.

The Many Benefits of Recycling Plastic You Ought to Know

This is due to the non-degradable nature of plastic that keeps it intact for a ... One of the important environmental benefits of recycling plastic bags and ...

Plastic Principle - Wikipedia

The Plastic Principle is an idea introduced into Western thought by the English philosopher Ralph Cudworth (1617–1689) to explain the function of nature and life in the face of both the mechanism and materialism of the Enlightenment.

The History and Future of Plastics | Science History Institute

The History and Future of Plastics What Are Plastics, ... Plastic is a word that originally meant “pliable and easily ... Nature only supplied so much wood ...

What Is Plastic? Definition and Examples in Chemistry

Have you ever wondered about the chemical composition of plastic or what it is made of? Here's a look at what plastic is and how it is formed.

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The Nature of Plastic. 26 likes. The goal is to create awareness of our love for using non-biodegradable plastic. Together we can accomplish anything.

The known unknowns of plastic pollution - The environment

The environment The known unknowns of plastic pollution. So far, ... a nature series presented by Sir David Attenborough that aired in Britain last October and in ...